Our Services

So you want to write a book – now what? That is where we come in. Reilloc provides the tools needed to publish and present your story to the world

Reilloc provides affordable services that are there every step of the writing and publishing process. Our process is methodical and practical. We believe in a coaching centered support that focuses on you developing as a writer.

Unlike other publishing services that that bog down writers with unnecessary products, we take a minimal approach. It is about you and your words. Some of the people we work with already have a finished book and just need assistance with editing or designing solutions. Others have a great idea but have no idea how to bring it to fruition. Because everyone is different, we individualize the services we provide to meet your needs.

Our  services include:

  • Writing Coaching & Consulting
  • Corporate & Business Writing Solutions
  • Full Editorial Services
  • Formatting, Typesetting, and Design
  • Print and Ebook Solutions
  • Marketing & Social Media for Publication